lunes, 6 de abril de 2009

lets begin

Well its been a while since I had a blog but I think Bettina is right, its nice to see that these things are kept for a long time and from time to time its nice to go back and read them and really see what you were at that time and what you are and where you are. 

With this blog I'll try to keep a record of my adventure to most of my races, and to Ironman and to my life and maybe let you see a little bit of me, of what I like, my dreams, my goals, my fears the good moments, the people I share my training with, maybe on the way I find more things than what I expected but that is the beauty of life. Please be patient with my English, I will improve..... and well hopefully I will be able to express the same way in English than in Spanish!! :) 

Well lets get started and the party going!!! :)

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