sábado, 11 de abril de 2009

I love the rain, but ......

Today was a great day!!! And well we went biking early in the morning with the knowledge that it could rain... and it did we were SOAKED it was intense.... and well I'm not that fast but coming back was nice Keil rescued me if not I would still be out there ..... well it was nice to come back to a warm shower and some nice yummy food. We had an AWSOME time a little bit after everybody else came.... I had a blast.... Tony's kids are soooo sweet.... maybe someday I get to have kids like his they are sooooo cute!!! and well they are kids they are fun! 

Everything went just fineee more than that, I was happy to see everybody.... and well having everybody all together is fun... we watched some IM videos and well that inspires me so much it seems to be very far away but it is 7 months away..... it was 6 months ago when I started with the idea of doing one.. and well I'm 7 months away of doing it..... I'm really thankful with all the people that are supporting and helping along the way.... I found this reflexion somewhere in spanish and looked for it in english and found it!! :) 

Reason, Season and Lifetime


I hope you enjoy....... Hasta manyana!! Tomorrow I get to go onto facebooook!!! Yeiii

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