lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

Easter Week and Weekend :) Pascua!!!!

Ok this week is starting and I feel very excited!! :) I'm happy and full of energy where does it come from, I don't know maybe for the idea that something really good is coming and that every day is a gift.... and I loveeee opening gifts :P who doesn't. 

I'm listening to one of my favorite songs "Coleccionista de canciones"..... Song collector..... and well it gives me hope that maybe someday I find that special someone to share the good and not so good things in life, I think that it will come when I least expect it (as I said once I thought my other half orange was squezzed into a Tropicana Juice, but I think he's still outt there hanging on ...... I have to have hope!!! ) but still I know I deserve the best.....As I told my sister.... We deserve the BEST..... and not only guy talking but in every aspect of our lifes.... we deserve a good life.... because we are good and we work for it...... 

From today on I'm concentrating, fucousing... enfocandome..... on my training and enjoying everything...... as I always try to do and the everything else will come.... it will I'm very sure..... because I imagine the possible.... I've been imagining for about mmm 15 years almost..... maybe I have to imagine harder..... jajajajaja just kidding..... :P..... 

Again thanks to EVERYBODY!!! :P for being part of this adventure..... today I'm bike riding and doing some weights!! :P And packing for Rocky Point!!! We are going to have an awesome time..... the beach..... the beach....... the music...... the race...... the MaRgaritas!! :P and welll just hanging around having fun and enjoying...... 

Hasta maniana!!! :P

sábado, 11 de abril de 2009

I love the rain, but ......

Today was a great day!!! And well we went biking early in the morning with the knowledge that it could rain... and it did we were SOAKED it was intense.... and well I'm not that fast but coming back was nice Keil rescued me if not I would still be out there ..... well it was nice to come back to a warm shower and some nice yummy food. We had an AWSOME time a little bit after everybody else came.... I had a blast.... Tony's kids are soooo sweet.... maybe someday I get to have kids like his they are sooooo cute!!! and well they are kids they are fun! 

Everything went just fineee more than that, I was happy to see everybody.... and well having everybody all together is fun... we watched some IM videos and well that inspires me so much it seems to be very far away but it is 7 months away..... it was 6 months ago when I started with the idea of doing one.. and well I'm 7 months away of doing it..... I'm really thankful with all the people that are supporting and helping along the way.... I found this reflexion somewhere in spanish and looked for it in english and found it!! :) 

Reason, Season and Lifetime

I hope you enjoy....... Hasta manyana!! Tomorrow I get to go onto facebooook!!! Yeiii

martes, 7 de abril de 2009

Tuesday swim.....

Ok had a great start today, went to my usual swimming class had a great workout, I think I'm improving :) and I feel that everybody is doing better everyday its like a domino effect. I'm excited about Las Palomas!! :) That will be great. 

Talking about other things I've been thinking of doing skydiving... interesting but yes ..... adventurous yess.... so I think next month... 

About the title of my blog... it took me time to decide it... but as I always say I'm a princess and well I'm training for Ironman and it really is a huge goal but more than a goal its a life style, it hasn't been easy and I've had to change or maybe we can say modify several habits, and well to increase my belief level on myself, and to convince myself that I CAN do it, every day is a miracle it is being able to finish the training and the day.....  every time I get to bed I feel thankful for the day, and for having the opportunity to live it. To accumulate experience.... after 28 years of cumulative experience I think I'm getting better and discovering things I never thought I would do or be able to do, new people and new ways of thinking..... 

It's one year and 4 months since I was born again, since I decided to be better, healthier. Never thought that I would be where I am now, sitting in my office...... But you know miracles happen and even when you don't see them they are happening constantly.  I'll talk maybe later about my new birthday and maybe post some before and after picture. 

lunes, 6 de abril de 2009

lets begin

Well its been a while since I had a blog but I think Bettina is right, its nice to see that these things are kept for a long time and from time to time its nice to go back and read them and really see what you were at that time and what you are and where you are. 

With this blog I'll try to keep a record of my adventure to most of my races, and to Ironman and to my life and maybe let you see a little bit of me, of what I like, my dreams, my goals, my fears the good moments, the people I share my training with, maybe on the way I find more things than what I expected but that is the beauty of life. Please be patient with my English, I will improve..... and well hopefully I will be able to express the same way in English than in Spanish!! :) 

Well lets get started and the party going!!! :)